Grow 73 NatureTrail Project

Creating a trail of Sculpture, Stories, Hopes, Memories and Plants for the People of Rutherglen in Overtoun Park


In Spring 2017 Rutherglen based community gardening group Grow 73 were awarded money from Tesco’s ‘Bags of Help’ fund, to create a nature trail in Overtoun Park.



They commissioned storyteller Amanda Edmiston to help create and collate the first part of the project, telling and gathering stories with schools, care homes and community groups.

18010169_1921699021382200_5092631507089538953_n    img_4619.jpg

The intention is to take these stories over the summer and working with a sculptor use them to influence the shape, theme and stories told within the trail.

Making it a place the community will visit, explore, treasure and connect to.

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A place which re-stories Rutherglen, a place with a fascinating history, but that is now often associated just with recent industry, in  itself fascinating, but subject to change and constant transition, which can easily lead to memories, stories and heritage becoming lost.


Sometimes this can lead to people feeling forgotten, their stories and connections to a place lost.

The hope is that by regrowing and re-storying one small part we can create a place were people can connect, a place where all generations can work and learn together to grow fruit, vegetables and plants. A place to meet new friends, to come together with the common purpose of making a positive impact on the environment and the local community by transforming an unused piece of land.


Come back in June 2017 when we will have added a short video here!